Our Values

Organizational Values & Market Strategy

  • Standardization of products, packing, shipping, cold chain procedures, reports, quality, performance evaluations, equipment, training.
  • Systemization in sales, marketing, customer service, accounting, research, agricultural production, engineering, communications, and coordination.
  • Communications with customers, vendors, and within the company in terms of openness, frankness, clarity, frequency, accuracy, timeliness, and brevity.
  • Integration for smooth operation vertically between our farms, and our distribution center in Miami with different levels of the organization in terms of plans, decisions, and priorities.
  • Discipline and accountability in adherence to company policy, rules, systems, procedures, schedules, standards, ethics, and so on.
  • Freedom for Initiative of Employees to make suggestions, develop plans, make decisions, carry out or modify actions, and so on.
  • Strategy to identify market opportunities, and service above and beyond our competitors.