Jumbo White Hydrangea

With pure white petals and a very slight blue hued-center, this hydrangea is incredible, beautiful and pure.  Jumbo hydrangeas are normally harvested when they reach 9 inches in diameter, but when in water, they develop into a 10-inch diameter hydrangea. Packed 20 stems per quarter box


Premium Plus White Hydrangea

Premium plus is a beautiful larger head premium hydrangea that still keeps the creamy-white tone. It is packed 30 stems per quarter box.  When hydrated, it develops to a 10 inch diameter fluffy head.


Regular White Hydrangea

Harvested in a bit earlier stage of development, the regular white hydrangea has a beautiful green-creamy white cast- with a 6 inch diameter head and strong laterals. Regular white can be packed in 30 or 40 stems per quarter box.


Premium White Hydrangea

Our award winning premium white hydrangea is perfect for weddings, special events and celebrations. Large creamy white blooms are easy to arrange and perfect for centerpieces. Hydrated premium size hydrangeas have 8 inch diameter heads and almost 500 petals of a pure white color. Once in water, this hydrangea fully develops fast into a 10 inch diameter head. Premium white hydrangeas pack 30 stems per quarter box.


Jumbo Lime Green Hydrangea

Displaying a light shade of green with dark lime green undertones, this variety has a 9 inch diameter head. It is an all natural variety from the Souer Therese family. Packed 20 stems per quarter box.


Mini Green White Hydrangea

Mini-green hydrangea from the macrophylla variety is actually an early bloom from the regular white hydrangea.  Mini-green hydrangeas have three pairs of vibrant dark green leaves with a 1.5-inch diameter head. The mini green hydrangea can be used a flower and also as foliage.  Packed 50 stems per quarter box.


Dark Mini Green Hydrangea

Dark mini-green is a round shaped, 2 inch diameter head green hydrangea formed by clusters of small green flowers that stays green in the vase for almost one week.  This mini-green has a darker tone of green and is excellent in combination with other flowers. Packed 50 stems per quarter box.


Lime Mini Green Hydrangea

This is a new variety of mini-green that stays green and does not develop white flowers. The lime-green variety comes with 3 pair of vibrant green leaves. Packed 50 stems per quarter box.


Lime Green Hydrangea

A 6-inch diameter variegated lime and green color, this hydrangea has larger, softer petals and is different from other Peruvian lime green hydrangea. Packed 40 stems per quarter box.


Electric Blue Hydrangea

At the present time- there is a limited production of this NEW electric blue variety. Electric blue hydrangea have a unique cyan color- resembling the color color of lightning, electric sparks, and argon signs. Electric blue hydrangeas travel well and last longer than similar varieties. Packed 30 stems per quarter box.


Jumbo Blue Hydrangea

A 9 inch diameter head light blue hydrangea is rare to find. At this stage, most of the fluffy petals are totally colored.  Light blue represents friendship and understanding. 20 stems are packed per quarter box.


Regular Blue Hydrangea

This is a 6-inch diameter ball-shaped flower formed by clusters of almost 300 petals. Shipped tight – the petal point display more blue- as the bloom fully develops the color will increase. The color of this flower is a calm and refreshing blue. Blue hydrangeas are seasonal. Packed 30 stems per quarter box – we suggest allowing the flower to develop after processing to increase the color and wow factor. We may also pack 40 slightly smaller stems per quarter box.


Light Blue Premium Hydrangea

This is a gorgeous flower is shipped when it reaches a 7-inch diameter head that will later develop into an 8 or 9 inch diameter head. This hydrangea is ideal for centerpieces, alone or combined with other flowers. Premium blue is packed 30 stems per quarter box.


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Aurora Blue Older Hydrangea

Commonly known as antique blue, this is a truly beautiful hydrangea. It is a fresh cut flower but has the Antique look. Aurora has an 8 inch diameter head with green-blue petals or green-blue- red blush petals. Packed 20 stems per quarter box.


Tinto Purple Antique Hydrangea

This is an antique version of the “hulk” Variety of hydrangea -that has a three color combination based in green, blue and purple.  With a huge 12-inch diameter head, it is packed 16 stems per quarter box.


Sunset Antique Golden Hydrangea

This is a perfect hydrangea for fresh cut flower arrangements and also for use as a dry flower. Petals have a green antique look with a splash of red.  The 8-inch diameter heads are packed 30 stems per quarter box.


Antique Green Pink Hydrangea

Antique green from the white macrophylla is a large Seasonal variety. During the summer months in Colombia, antique green develops a large head of 11 inches in diameter with a blush of pink over green petals. It is produced by letting the jumbo white mature. The season is from June to October.  There are 18 stems packed in one-quarter box.


Lime Antique Green Hydrangea

This is a 2002 Society of American Florists “best variety” competition winner. From the Souer Therese variety following an antique process, the jumbo lime green starts developing reddish and burgundy tones over green petals. Unlike the antique green from the macrophylla variety, the Lime Antique differs in color as the antique flower – always maintains the green tone in any season and is available year around. With a huge head of 10 inches in diameter, it is packed 18 stems per quarter box.

Natural Colors

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Raspberry Hydrangea

A hydrangea sharing hot pink and blue colors together in a single flower. This Flower represents friendship. Usually shipped when they reach 70 percent of their color- please allow this flower to fully develop its color when it reaches the final destination. Raspberry-blue hydrangeas are packed 30 stems per quarter box.


Purple Hydrangea

Purple is a range of color hues occurring between red and blue. Purple hydrangeas reach their best size during the summer months, sometimes obtaining a jumbo (9 inch diameter) size. During the rest of the year, purple hydrangeas average 6 inches in diameter with large petals. To protect the blooms for travel, the cutting stage for purple hydrangeas is 70 percent. This means that when you see the flowers in the box, they will still have some younger cream petals. Please allow them to develop to full color upon arrival. Available in regular, premium, and jumbo sizes. The premium size hydrangea is packed 30 stems per quarter box.


Lavander Hydrangea

The color lavender might be described as a medium violet or a light pinkish violet. The term lavender may also be used in general to apply to a wide range of pale, light, medium, or grayish violet colors. With a 7 inch diameter head, this is a Merritt Supreme variety with a luxurious flower. Packed 30 stems per quarter box.


Soft Pink Hydrangea

This is a large head hydrangea with a soft pink tone that is cultivated in alkaline soils in the mountains of Colombia.  When opening a box of soft pink hydrangeas they may look thirsty and sleepy and small with a higher percentage of green petals instead of pink. Don’t worry –  that is the way we have to ship them. As soon as the pink hydrangeas are rehydrated, they rapidly develops the soft pink color and a big 8 inch diameter head. Packed 25 stems per quarter box.

Spray Painted Hydrangea

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3 Stem Sprayed Green

White hydrangeas can be painted using natural pigments that hold color perfectly on petals. Best results can be obtained when painting pastel colors, but we can spray paint from red to black colors as well.


3 Stem Sprayed Blue

White hydrangeas can be painted using natural pigments that hold color perfectly on petals. Best results can be obtained when painting pastel colors, but we can spray paint from red to black colors as well.

Consumer Bouquets

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